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This is my Story: Get to know me a little better

My Name is Kristin Richardson, a busy mum of two, looking for the best ways to keep myself and my family healthy with natural remedies and organic produce.

I am a world citizen, a “free dancing bird” as my husband lovingly likes to call me… full of courage, with a zest for life and a deep appreciation for Mother Nature.  I love a good read, adore Latin dancing and most of all roaming around the world exploring, eating different foods, and venturing amongst different cultures.

I have lived and travelled the world extensively.  Born and raised in Germany, I spent a year in Canada, aged 16, attending high school.  I’ve studied for a year at a French University in Toulouse, then travelled the world for a year visiting Bolivia, Peru, Canada, Japan and New Zealand.  I fell in love with Sydney, Australia, and ended up living there for 2 years. My journey back to Europe included a detour to Northern India and a wedding on the German-French border where I met my now husband!   These experiences helped me to study and learn what wellness and wellbeing mean in these varied cultures.  Having settled in the UK, I became a Mum. 

In the midst of my busy life, juggling children and work, I began to notice a range of health niggles.  I pushed on, regardless, surviving on sugary snacks and caffeine to help me power through.  My weight began to increase, and my energy levels decreased.  Before I knew it, I was finding it hard to manage taking care of myself.  I began to suffer from head colds and inflammation.  Any energy I had went on caring for my 3-year-old and 3-month-old. 


Soon, repeated head colds turned into chronic Sinusitis.  My weakened immune system couldn’t seem to shake off the inflammation and infection.  My Doctor prescribed repeated courses of antibiotics and steroids.  Despite this, the pain continued.  I began to suffer from migraines and severe light sensitivity that confined me to bed, unable to care for my own children.  It was only when I was told that invasive surgery to widen my nasal cavities was necessary that I began to research natural alternatives.  I wanted to find a way to treat and manage the cause of this inflammation, rather than try to deal with the results.  And, as I made informed changes based on my extensive research, I began to experience a reduction in symptoms.  My motivation and energy returned as my inflammation and pain subsided.  Finally, I began to feel able to enjoy life and Motherhood with a spring in my step.  My husband remarked at both the physical and emotional change he saw in me, and friends asked what my skincare secret was!  

My experience has been life-transforming.  I know firsthand what a difference Naturopathy & Nutritional-based wellness makes!  This experience led me to formally study and gain Internationally recognized qualifications in Naturopathy & Nutrition.  I’ve worked with countless women now who, like me, want to benefit from holistic and natural remedies to health issues, and who want to harness the intuitive power of their own body to heal. 


My kids are older now, and my own challenges have altered.  Natural healing, Naturopathy & Nutritional-based wellness continue to support me at this new stage of my life.  

I now combine Naturopathy & Nutritional-based wellness with my qualifications and experience in education to bring Naturopathy & Nutritional-based healing and wellness to women by offering affordable courses to complement my 1:1 work.  I’d love to share the journey to natural healing and wellness with you.  Whatever your own health goals, I’m confident we can create a plan that helps you to find a lighter way of being, and increased energy and vitality. 


Qualified Naturopath & Nutritional Therapist

(N.H.F. Adv. Dip. / PGCert(HE) / MA / BA)

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Kristin Richardson Natural Healing

Come join me on the journey!

with much love,

Kristin xx