Follow on Sessions, Kristin Richardson


After your Initial Health Check, these sessions aim to continuously support you in achieving your optimum health.

Natural healing is not a quick fix. Natural healing is a holistic approach that involves life-long and life-enhancing change.  We can think of Natural Healing as a continuous journey of self-care.  I am here to support you each step of the way as you learn new techniques and wisdom that empowers you to take charge of your body and your future.  I am here to walk with you, spur you on and support you in evaluating and tweaking your treatment plan to best meet your emerging needs and health goals. 

WHAT'S Included?

Follow on Sessions, Kristin Richardson

During this 60 minute consultation we'll talk about your ongoing progress, assess what needs tweaking and progress you whenever you are ready with new knowledge and natural techniques.

Continuous evaluation and review of your treatment plan and assess your health picture during each session and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment programme.

Handouts & recipe cards where applicable, personalized to your lifestyle and nutritional needs.

The Follow On Sessions are the continuous building blocks for your healing journey as they provide you with my ongoing professional support and care, making sure you reach your goal.

Kristn Richardson Testimonies

Kristin is such an inspirational, motivational person. She has a real zest for life and exudes positivity and openness. She really inspires me to make the changes to my life that she suggests. She obviously knows her stuff and comes from a place of personal experience. Listening to her speak is very empowering and always makes me feel so good. Her recipes are easy to follow, colourful and yummy!

    Heather B