Inital Health Check, Kristin Richardson


This is where your journey to the NEW YOU starts!

Are you ready?

This is where your journey to the NEW YOU starts! Are you ready?


Unpleasant symptoms don’t just appear out of nowhere. They have a root cause.  Your personalized health check helps you discover the root causes of your tiredness and health complaints.  It allows you to find ways to address them once and for all.  No matter your age, or life stage, I can support you in achieving a healthier future.  


Think of the Health Check as an A* full-body MOT!  We’ll consider your past as well as your present.   Every single niggle will be investigated, assessed and addressed.

Your health check includes a detailed pre-appointment questionnaire.  Your responses allow me to begin to gain a comprehensive understanding your symptoms and health goals.  We’ll then arrange for a 120-minute consultation where we’ll discuss your wellbeing and how you can find healing and wholeness.  You’ll receive an initial, tailored and personalized treatment plan that will reset your system, help eliminate your symptoms and bring you’re the zest and vitality you crave. 


Kristin Richardson | Health Check

Professional assessment of your Pre-Appointment Questionnaire diagnosing the causes of your current health picture considering past and present history

A Personalised Treatment Programme including diet, hydration, supplements and detox techniques all presented in form of electronic worksheets emailed to you

Recipe suggestions tailored to your needs and emailed to you via handy electronic recipe cards for future reference

A Shopping List for your journey to better health with useful web links to online & offline retailers that offer a great variety of relevant quality products and bulk buying options

This Initial Health Check is the foundation for your healing journey and has to be completed before you can move on to Follow On Sessions.

Kristn Richardson Testimonies

Kristin is such an inspirational, motivational person. She has a real zest for life and exudes positivity and openness. She really inspires me to make the changes to my life that she suggests. She obviously knows her stuff and comes from a place of personal experience. Listening to her speak is very empowering and always makes me feel so good. Her recipes are easy to follow, colourful and yummy!

    Heather B