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 Unpleasant symptoms don’t just appear out of nowhere. They have a root cause.  Your personalized health check helps you discover the root causes of your tiredness and health complaints.  It allows you to find ways to address them once and for all.  No matter your age, or life stage, I can support you in achieving a healthier future.  

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Health on a plate

A 2-Part Nutritional Healing course, designed to help you understand your health from the inside out. Learn to make intelligent changes in order to create the perfect environment for healing. This course is designed & Accredited by Nutritional Healing Foundation.

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21-day gut health reset

The 21 Day Online Programme is a comprehensive detoxification protocol

that incorporates outstanding quality and scientifically proven purification supplements as well as nutritional and lifestyle advice.

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Kristin is such an inspirational, motivational person. She has a real zest for life and exudes positivity and openness. She really inspires me to make the changes to my life that she suggests. She obviously knows her stuff and comes from a place of personal experience. Listening to her speak is very empowering and always makes me feel so good. Her recipes are easy to follow, colourful and yummy!



I have been working with Kristin for almost four months in which time we have travelled on the most incredible journey together. Kristin has guided me in my nutrition with her extensive knowledge and has also supported me through a full liver cleanse which has helped me regain balance and has been truly life-changing. Thank you Kristin for all your love and support.



After an initial consultation with Kristin it was clear to me I had found someone who cared about my health as much as I did, if not more!! Kristin even highlighted that I could have a liver disorder, which was later confirmed by a blood test and scan. Kristin is extremely thorough and looks at all aspects of your lifestyle and family history to create a personally tailored treatment plan, using her wealth of knowledge and nutritional expertise along with naturopathic techniques. I have learnt so much from Kristin and cannot thank her enough, her caring, non-judgmental manner and professionalism is second to none.

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 It can be overwhelming at the beginning, you want to change the way you think and treat your body but you're not quite sure where to start. I'm here to help you on your journey to healing naturally and that can look different for all of us.

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